Common Report Conditions


Reporting in ServiceNow can be tricky - filled with specific vernacular or hidden logic. We would like to dispel some of the opacity.

Some Examples and Discussions on Common Report Conditions

Active vs Request Fulfiller Action

Active = True will show any ticket not closed. This includes Open, New, Solution Proposed, or Awaiting Customer Action.

Request Fulfiller Action = True will show any ticket that is waiting on an agent to act. This includes only Open or New cases. It does not include Solution Proposed or Awaiting Customer Action.

Showing Cases by Organization

If you are looking to report on all cases in your organization, you can do so using the Organization field on the Case table.

If you are looking to report on all tickets in your organization, you'll have to dot walk to Assignment Group → Organization from the Task Table.

Reporting on Service Offering Categories

If you are looking to breakdown your service offerings by Category, you need to dot walk to the Case table and select Category. The category field on Service Offerings isn't an active field and won't get you what you are looking for.

an image displaying how to dot-walk to the cases categories

How to report on SLAs

The easiest way to report off of SLAs is to use our example report here or available by searching All reports for "ServiceNow - Example - My Group SLA". Each SLA Definition line item corresponds to a distinct SLA line item in a case. So if you want to look only at Response SLAs, 'Insert and Stay' on the Example report, change the name,  remove all of the Case Resolution SLAs, and configure the report you want.

an image displaying examples of SLA filters

What is Business Duration?

ServiceNow considers Monday through Friday, 8am - 4:30pm business hours. Business Duration is how many cumulative business hours a ticket has been open. If I email Saturday at 7am and it closes Monday at 7am, the business duration is 0. If I open a ticket Monday at 7am and it closes Friday at noon, that's 4 business hours on Friday + 8.5 hours for Monday - Thursday, which is ((8.5*4)+4) or 38 hours. 38 hours displays as 1 Day 14 hours. When you see a ticket with a Business Duration of 3 days, you need to do the quick math and calculate it at about 9 business days.

Created by versus Opened by

These fields sound the same, but notice that they store different information! When searching by full name, use Opened By. Created by stores the username (generally Active Directory) for the user in question.

An image displaying the difference between "Opened By" and "Created BY"

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