Updating Device


Operating systems are constantly getting updated by the manufacturers. These updates sometimes fix security flaws or network connectivity issues that may prevent a device from connecting. It is recommended by the manufacturers to keep operating systems up to date as it is the most secure and reliable.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take


  1. Select the Start button > Settings  > Update & Security 

    Screenshot: Windows Update & Security option located bottom right of Windows settings

  2. Click on Windows Update on the left list then click on Check Updates. You may need to restart your device to complete the update if there is one.

    Screenshot: Windows Updates with the Check for Updates button located top middle

    Screenshot: Windows Update with restart required. Install Now button is located in the middle


  1. Open System Settings > General > Software Update

    Screenshot: System Settings window with the "Software Update" option marked

  2. If there’s an update available, click “Update Now.”

    Screenshot: Mac Software Update with Update Now button on far right

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