Workspaces are a feature that allows agents to work on multiple issues concurrently within a single browser. Workspaces are optional for most teams, but they do have features that aren't available in non-Workspace views (also known as Classic UI) and may be mandatory for some teams. Workspaces, even if they have the same name, may be customized for larger departments.

Selecting a Workspace

From the top menu, select 'Workspaces'. On smaller windows, it maybe hidden behind an ellipses next to 'Favorites' or 'History'. An alternate method of getting to a workspace is typing the name of the workspace in the 'All' menu.

Screenshot: workspace from the appnav menu

Once you are on your workspace, you can add multiple tabs.

Navigating Within a Workspace

Most Workspaces you will come across will have a combination of Single Scores (numbers aggregating records) and Lists (lists of records).

In the example below, Single Scores are the top row, followed by a List.

Screenshot: example of single score and list workspace components

Although agents are not able to edit the various components / widgets of their workspaces, they can customize how the items on a list view are displayed and arranged. Agents can do this by clicking on the four squares next to a column header. In the picture above, this would be 'Assignment Group' above 'ITS-SNOW'. Click and hold on the four squares and re-arrange the columns. If an agent wishes, they can also edit the columns using the cog wheel in the top right of the list view.

Alternatively, an agent can filter based on a column (for instance, to only show certain groups or customers) or group the values of a certain column (to better see the ticket counts for each group or customer). Both of these actions are available by clicking the vertical ellipsis next to the column header, in this case 'Task Customer'.

Screenshot: ellipsis next to column header on workspace for "Task Customer"


Navigating within a Record

Screenshot: autofilled fields on record workspace

Screenshot: inspect record button on workspace

screenshot: search for record button on workspace

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