Copying Dashboard Tabs


The following instructions will give steps on how to copy dashboard tab across multiple dashboards. 

There are times when you may want to link the same dashboard tab across multiple dashboards. For instance, if you have an Agent Dashboard with 2 tabs and a Supervisor Dashboard with 5 tabs, you may wish to use the 2 tabs from the Agent Dashboard on the Supervisor Dashboard. Before you begin this process, be sure to name (and remember!) the tabs you plan on copying.

Steps to Take

  1. Go to the Dashboard Properties of the dashboard you are trying to add a new tab to.

    An image showing where to find the dashboard properties under the hamburger

  2. Click the 'Dashboard Tabs' and then 'New'.

    An image showing where the "New" button can be found

  3. This will bring you to a naming page. On the 'Tab' line, click the magnifying glass. This will bring up a new window that will let you select the pre-existing tab you wish to link.

    The page that pops up once you click "New" on the Dashboard Tabs

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.