Print from Payroll Personnel System (PPS)


Learn how to print from the Payroll Personnel System (PPS) on the mainframe.  


Critical Concepts


Steps to Take

  1. Log onto the mainframe.
    • You must have a user ID and password to log onto the mainframe. If you don't yet have a user ID and password, contact your departmental security administrator. (Find your DSA.)
  2. Select PPS from the main menu and press Enter.
  3. Go to the Function Code screen.
  4. Click Enter.
  5. Select print option in one of two ways:
    • Select PRNT from the list or
    • Type PRNT in the field following Next Func (near the bottom of the screen).
  6. Click Enter.
  7. Choose your printer by selecting the line that displays your printer ID.
  8. Enter the number of copies you would like to print. The number must be two digits (such as 01).
  9. Click F4 to print the report.

For more information, check with the systems administrator in your department