DocuSign - Envelope Settings


Learn how to add envelope settings in DocuSign including email subject and messages.

Customize email subject and message

In the Email Message section you can customize the email subject and messages for recipients.

  Screenshot: Image of Envelope Form        


Envelope Settings

Allow recipients to change signing responsibility

This option gives recipients the option to assign signing responsibility to another person. When a recipient receives the document, they select Change Signer.

Allow recipients to edit

This option allows recipients to make changes to the document with the document markup feature. If a recipient chooses to make a change, all signers on the document must initial their approval of these changes, and a full audit trail is maintained in DocuSign.

Recipients must be signers to view signed documents

When this option is selected, recipients will only be able to see documents that have Signature or Initial tags assigned to them or that do not have any Signature or Initial tags.

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