Schedule a Presentation Station Session


Follow the steps below to schedule a session to use the Presentation Station.  The Presentation Station is a workstation for faculty and staff that uses Camtasia software to record anything displayed on the computer, from slides or images you bring with you to content from the web. A touch-screen display allows you to annotate or draw over the image. Narration can be recorded before, during, or after the display images are captured. An attached camera is available to record video of the presenter, including in front of a green screen to add different backgrounds later.

Zooms, simulated pans and tilts, graphics, and music can be added after recording. Videos can be exported to your USB drive. Captioning and hosting is available at no charge (subject to volume limits). Integration into Canvas course sites is also available.


Critical Concepts

The Presentation Station can be used two ways:


Steps to Take

  1. Open your calendar in Outlook. Instructions may vary depending on which version of Outlook you use. If you do not normally use Outlook, you can access your calendar in Office 365 through a web browser, signing in with your Active Directory account and selecting the calendar icon in the lower left.
  2. Choose "Start a New Meeting" or "Calendar Event" and select the day and time range that you want between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.
  3. In the "To" or "People" field (not room or location), type "", then click "Scheduling Assistant." If the system is not free at your requested time, you will see other free times and can select one that works for you.
  4. Important: Indicate in the meeting notes whether the usage is Full-Service, or Self-Service with First-Time User Training.
  5. Send the invitation.

If you have trouble scheduling the meeting in Outlook, email the Multimedia Services team with the requested date and time and type of service desired. In either case, a team member will confirm the session by the next business day.

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