CMS: Deleting or Archiving Pages, Files, or Folders (Assets)


Learn how to delete assets such as pages, files, or folders within the CMS.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Archiving pages

  1. To archive a page, move it to the /_archive folder.
    • This folder has publishing disabled to assure that no old versions will be accessible on the live web.
    • Draft pages do not need to be archived.
  2. When you archive pages it will create broken links to any pages linking to them (even internal links).  Use the Relationships feature to find which pages in your site need to have these links removed.

Deleting a page or folder

  1. Navigate to the asset you want to delete and open it in the right window.
  2. On the white horizontal navigation at the top right of the page, Click More and then choose Delete from the dropdown
  3. The Delete page screen will pop-up. 
  4. If there are any other assets in the site that are linking to this page, an alert will appear and tell you how many exist.

    Delete relationships screen shot

    1. Click More details to see what they are.
    2. Expand the Linking to this asset drawer
    3. Deleting the current page will create broken links from each of the listed assets.  Before you delete this page, navigate to those pages (you can click on their names to link to them) and remove the link(s) to the soon to be deleted page.
      1. Note: There may still be UC San Diego pages outside your specific site linking to your deleted content.
  5. When you have removed links to the page you want to delete, make sure Unpublish Content is checked.
  6. Click Delete.

Contact if you are having trouble archiving or deleting an asset.