CMS: Publishing Pages FAQ


Below are answers to common questions about the UC San Diego Content Management System (CMS).

Q. Why aren't my changes showing up on the live site?

As you browse the Internet, your browser downloads elements of the pages you view and stores them on your computer in a cache. This improves browsing performance by loading pages faster. In some cases, this is why you might not see edits reflected immediately.

To force the new page to reload, try a hard refresh: Ctrl + F5  or Cmd + Shift + R for Macs.

If that doesn't work, you may need to clear the browser cache.

Q. I only published a page to stage. Why is it showing up?

All or part of your site can be published at any time. Blink and TritonLink are published every weekend. To keep a new page from being published prematurely, disable publishing for that page. If it's a brand new page, you also want to disable indexing.

Q. Why can't I publish a page?

If you can't publish an asset (folder, page, image or file) within the CMS and you're presented with the following error:

Publishing error message

Then you need to enable publishing. Follow the instructions for Disabling Publishing, but make sure the box next to Include when publishing is checked.

Note: If the asset is enabled for publishing but you still get the error message, check the folder one (or more) levels up (this setting will cascade down to the entire folder hierarchy). Some assets, such as block content, aren’t publishable. Instead of publishing the block, you publish the page the block shows up on.

Q. I just published a new page. Why isn't it showing up on the other pages in the same section?

When publishing a brand new page, you want to publish the entire folder it resides in. That will ensure the new page shows up in the left-hand navigation of the other pages in the same section.

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Q. I just deleted a page. Why is it showing up in the top navigation of my site?

Since the top navigation is on every page of your site, any changes to first and second-level topics require a full site publish. This includes adding a page, deleting a page, or changing the display name of a folder or page.

If your page isn't normally in the top navigation, you should still check the side navigation. You should publish the folder that contained your deleted page to remove it from the side navigation of other pages.

Note: In Blink and TritonLink the top navigation is the Administrator's responsibility. For changes, send an email to and request an update.

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