Upload a Workbook to Tableau Server


This article assumes you have created a Workbook on your desktop, have a folder set up for you on Tableau Server and have permissions to publish to that server.  If any of these are not true then please email busintel@ucsd.edu.


Steps to Take

  1. Open your Workbook.
  2. Click on the Server menu and confirm that you are signed into the Tableau Server you want publish to.
    Screenshot: Server menu on top toolbar
  3. From the Server menu click on Publish Workbook. 
  4. Set you publishing settings.
    1. Required: Use the drop down icon to select the project folder you want to save the workbook to.
      Screenshot: Drop down menu to select your project folder
    2. Required: Name your report.
    3. Optional: Add a description.
    4. Optional:  Add Tags
    5. Add all or a limited number of sheets to publish.
      1. You do not have to publish all of the sheets in your workbook.
      2. Click on the Edit link to select which sheets to publish and which not to.
        Screenshot: Menu to select sheets to publish
    6. Permissions – leave default
    7. Data Sources – leave default of Embedded password
    8. More options. 
      1. Check Show sheets as tabs if you want each worksheet/dashboard/story to appear as a tab when you are viewing other worksheets/dashboards/stories.  
      2. Check Show selections if you have default selections in the display filters that you would like the workbook to use.
  5.  When done, click Publish at the bottom right corner.
  6.  If you have publishing over top of an existing workbook Tableau will give you a warning error.
    1. "A workbook named 'SAH-College Reports' is already in use. Click Yes to overwrite it."
    2. Click Yes to publish your new version of the workbook.
  7.  Tableau will open a browser window to the workbook you just published and show you a confirmation message. “Publishing Complete”
  8.  You have successfully published your workbook.