Export a List of Terms from the Information Governance Catalog (IGC)


Learn how to export a list of terms from the Information Governance Catalog. This article assumes that the list of terms you are looking for has something in common.

Steps to Take

  1. Log into IGC using your Activity Directory credentials.

  2. Click on the Queries menu located on the blue bar across the top.

  3. Managed Queries are a list of pre-created search queries that, when clicked, will return a list of terms based on that search criteria.
    1. If your search already exists then click on the name of your managed query.
      Screenshot: Click on name of your query

  4. If a pre-created search query does not include what you are looking for you can create a New query.
    1. Click on New.
      Screenshot: New button between Run and Edit

    2. IGC automatically adds the term name to your query so you do not need to add it a second time.
      1.  On the Display tab click the field you want to add
      2. Click the arrow to add it to the Displayed Properties.
        Screenshot: Select field to add, then click arrow in middle to add to displayed properties

    3. Some fields are found under a grouping.
      1. Click the + sign to open the grouping and then add the desired field to the Displayed Properties.
        Screenshot: Add field to Dispalyed properties on right

    4. When you have selected all your fields to display, click on the Criteria tab.
      1. The criteria tab limits the terms returned by your query. 
      2. If you set no criteria then all terms in the IGC will be returned.
      3. Click on the Criteria tab, then click on the down arrow.  
      4. Click on Add Condition.
        Screenshot: on criteria tab, select arrow, and add condition

        Screenshot: Criteria tab asking to select an available property

      5. IGC will prompt you to select a field to filter on.
      6. Select the field and the filter type from the drop down list (3).

        Screenshot: Select type of filter from Criteria tab
        Screenshot: Enter label name
    5. Multiple criteria and sub-criteria can be used to filter your query.
    6. When you have added all your criteria click on Run.
      Screenshot: Run button

  5. The results will appear below the query.
    1. You can make changes to your Display or Criteria and then click Run to rerun the updated query.

      Screenshot: Result displays below the query

  6. You can export the query results by click on the List Options on the right side of the result. 
    1. From there you can select CSV or XLS.

      Screenshot: select CSV or XLS

  7. With the correct permissions you can also Save the query.
    1. Add a Name and Description.
    2. Best practice is to add a list of the Display items, Criteria, and your username into the Description so you can see the information from the Managed Query list.

      Screenshot: Save button

      Screenshot: Save query with query name and description

      Screenshot: Saved query

  8. After you have saved your query you can go back and edit it.  
    1. Check the box next to the name of the query, then click Edit.

      Screenshot: Check box to left of query name, then Edit above