Computer Labs and Software Requests - Frequently Asked Questions


The following article contains Frequently Asked Questions regarding Computer Labs and Software Requests, also known as CINFO. 


What is a Computer Labs and Software Request?

A Computer Labs and Software Request (CINFO) via is required to request computer labs managed by ITS, including door codes and additional disk space. For other resources, please see the “Requesting Educational Technology Resources” list at

When should I submit my Computer Labs and Software request, to guarantee a lab will be ready at the start of term?

Please submit your Computer Labs and Software request at least one month before the term, to ensure we can complete it for the start of classes. We cannot guarantee that Computer Labs and Software requests received less than one month before the start of term will be completed prior to Week 1.

How do I modify an existing Computer Labs and Software Request?

If you wish to make changes to a prior request, please review it and email us at to let us know what changes should be made.

When do I resubmit a Computer Labs and Software Request?

Please only enter another Computer Labs and Software request if your course has multiple sections that each requires a separate Canvas site or different lab / software resources.

What is the anticipated schedule for Computer Labs and Software requests?

Request work will begin one week prior to the beginning of term, due to resource availability. Services will be available the first day of classes. Late requests may be delayed.

What are the different status definitions?

Web, lab, and software services requested on an Computer Labs and Software request will each show one of the following statuses:

Status Definition 
 New New Request
 ModifiedOriginal request has been modified and requires review.
 ReviewedThe request has been reviewed. 
 In ProgressWork has begun on your request. 
 CompletedAll work has been finished.
 On HoldSomething outside of our control is preventing the work from continuing. 

General Questions

What about Specialty Software?

See our list of software installed in all computer labs. Additional course-related software, like MATLAB and AutoCAD, is available for use in some campus computer labs. Use the Computer Lab Lookup tool to find lab locations.

How do students get a door code?

Door codes are assigned to students for computer labs with electronic door locks, based on lab assignment per instructors' request. Students can look up their door code by signing into and expanding the section for the course.

What about Google Apps for courses?

Faculty can now utilize Google Apps for Education to share course materials, communicate, and collaborate with students. Visit the informational page for additional details.


If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please email us at