Configure Outlook Client for Gmail


Find out how to set up your UC San Diego Gmail in Outlook.

Critical Concepts

The following article has instructions for: 

Steps to Take


1. Go to Outlook > Settings > Accounts 

Screenshot: MAC Outlook client settings

2. Press the + button at the bottom left corner to add a new account.

Screenshot: Add account button

3. Enter your UCSD email address and click "Continue." 

4. If you receive an error that says "Exchange accounts are not yet supported" click the button "Not Exchange?" at the top right hand corner of the window. Otherwise, skip this step. 

5. In the menu that says "Choose the provider for," click "Google."

Screenshot: list of providers for new account  

6. In the next page, press "Continue."

7. A new browser with sign in options will appear. Click on your account. 

8. Click "Allow" to give Outlook permissions to access your Google account. 

9. It may ask you to log in via Single Sign On and authenticate using Duo. Once you've logged in, you will get a notification on your Outlook client that your account has successfully been added.  


1. Select File on the top left corner. 

Screenshot: File menu on the PC Outlook client

2. Select "Add Account." 

3. Under the Email tab, select "New" 

Screenshot: Account Settings menu

4. Enter your full UCSD email address when prompted. 

5. Log in via Single Sign on and authenticate using Duo when prompted. 

6. Once you've logged in, you have successfully added your UCSD Gmail account to your Outlook client. 

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357