Student Access to DataHub/DSMLP for Independent Study, Student Research, and Special Projects


ITS/ETS' Datahub and Data Science/Machine Learning Platform (DSMLP) are available to undergraduate and graduate students in support of:

Datahub provides web-based Jupyter notebooks allowing students to combine live code, equations, visualizations and narrative text for:

DSMLP's Jupyter notebooks offer interactive access to popular languages and GPU-enabled frameworks such as:

The underlying DSMLP platform is also accessible for interactive terminal and batch jobs.


Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Requesting Access

  1. Eligible Students should request Datahub/DSMLP access via the DSMLP Independent Study Access Request Form.  You will be asked to provide information regarding your project, resource requirements, and sponsorship.

  2. Instructors and instructional support staff may request personal DSMLP access in order to support their students' use of the platform, or to explore and evaluate the environment for course development purposes.  To request such an account, please submit your request through the ITS Service Desk.

  3. To request access for your scheduled undergraduate and graduate-level courses, please submit an Instructional Technology Request (CINFO).  

Requesting Support

  1. Once you have been provisioned for access, any questions, requests, or problems should be submitted the ITS Service Desk.
  2. Datahub/DSLMP resources are provided to Independent Study users "as is"

Usage Policies

By applying for and using DSMLP resources, you (and your advisor, if a Doctoral candidate) agree to read and understand the following policies and guidelines:

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please email or visit