Connect Outlook Gmail for Personal Computer (PC)


The instructions below will help guide you through the steps required to connect your Outlook client to Gmail. This setup is for UCSD Gmail customers that would like the option to use Outlook even though their mailbox is in Google.


Steps to Take


Connect Outlook to gmail PC

  1. Open your Control Panel
    1. Type Control Panel in your windows search.
    2. Select Control Panel.

  2. Type Mail at the top right of your control panel screen.

  3. Select Mail (Microsoft Outlook)(32 bit).

  4. Select Show Profiles.

  5. Select Add.

  6. Profile Name: Type UCSD

  7. Select Manual Setup or additional server types.
  8. Click next.

  9. Select Pop or IMAP 

  10. Type in the following information. After you are done with steps a-h, click on More Settings.
    1. Your Name: Type how you would like your name to appear when people receive your email.
    2. Email Address: Your UC San Diego Email address
    3. Incoming Server:
    4. Outgoing server:
    5. User name: Your UC San Diego email address
    6. Password: Your UC San Diego password
    7. Remember password: Check Box
    8. Require login using Secure Password Authentication (SPA): Check Box

  11. After you click on More Settings an Internet Email Settings window will open.
    1. SelectOutgoing Server tab.
    2. Check Box for My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication.
    3. Check Circle for Log in using.
    4. Type in your your email address and password.
    5. Check remember password.
    6. Check Require Secure Password Authentication.

  12. After adding the settings in Outgoing server tab, click on the Advanced tab.
    1. Incoming Server (IMAP): type 993.
    2. Outgoing server (SMTP): type 465.
    3. Use the following type of encrypted connections: Select SSL/TLS for both incoming
      and outgoing.
    4. No other changes need to be made. 
    5. Click OK.

  13. Choose Next.  

  14. Outlook will test the account settings with Google. You should get a message that says completed.
  15. Click Close.

  16. Click Finish.

  17. Locate your profile window that should still be open.  Select Always use this Profile. 
  18. Select UC San Diego from the drop down message. 
  19. Select Ok.

  20. Locate Outlook on you computer and open. Your email will display.


If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357