Configure Thunderbird v78.0 to current on Mac/PC for Gmail


Instructions to guide you through the steps required to connect your Thunderbird v 78.0 to current email client to Gmail.

Steps to Take

You can also refer to our instructional video for a walkthrough on these steps. 

    1. Open Thunderbird.
    2. Under Accounts, Select Email.

      Screen shot showing the Email box to choose when setting up Gmail in Thunderbird

    3. Click Add

      Screen shot showing the fields to fill out when setting up Gmail in Thunderbird

    4. Once you fill out your information, click on "Manual Config" on the bottom left corner. 
    5. Use the following server settings:
      • Your name as shown to others when they receive your email
      • Your UC San Diego email address
      • Your UC San Diego password
      • Check Remember password
      • Use the following server settings:
        • Incoming: IMAP,, Port 993, set SSL to SSL/TLS, and set authentication to OAuth2
        • Outgoing: SMTP,, Port 465, set SSL to SSL/TLS , and set authentication to OAuth2
        • Note: if you do not see OAuth2, try pressing "Re-test" and checking again. 
      • For username, set incoming and outgoing to your email address: <username>

      screenshot: configurations for gmail on thunderbird

    6. Once you click "Done," you will be prompted to the UCSD Active Directory login page. 
      Screenshot of UCSD Active Directory login screen.
    7. Log in using your UCSD credentials
    8. Authenticate using Duo two-step.
      Screenshot of Duo 2-step Authentication. Authenticate to proceed.
    9. Mozilla Thunderbird will now request access to your Google Account. Press the "Allow" button in the bottom right. 
      Screenshot of the Google Account access request screen. Press "Allow" in the bottom right to proceed.
    10. You email should now be accessible through Thunderbird.
    11. If prompted with the System Integration box, set Thunderbird as your default mail client by pressing the "Set as Default" button. 
      Screenshot of the Systems Integration pop-up where you can set Thunderbird as the default client for E-mail, Newsgroups , and Feeds if desired using the checkboxes then pressing the "Set as Default" button.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357