How to Schedule Summer Courses


To schedule Summer Session classes with the ISA, you will use the Quarterly Schedule Builder (QSB) (see KB0033138) to add scheduling components such as meeting times, location, and associated sections for classes in Summer Session terms.  The QSB can be accessed at

This is where you can use the QSB to add Summer Session classes and class components.

In order to edit class details from the QSB, you must first add the class in the Summer Session Schedule Builder (see KB0033190), submit planned course offerings to Summer Session, and receive approval from Summer Session to offer courses before they will appear on the QSB page.

Steps to Take

Once you have received approval from Summer Session, visit the QSB page and use the Term filter to select the Summer Session term where you want to add scheduling details.

To edit a class or instructor from the Summer Session Scheduler Builder once it has been approved:

  1. Click on hamburger control (three horizontal line button) in the upper right corner of the approved course indicated in green ( above)
  2. Select “See all class details” ( above)
    • The page allows you to add and edit notes, course components and add day/time and locations via the same steps listed above from the QSB class editor features ( below)
    • Some fields may be unavailable for editing because the Summer Session submission period is closed or the class submission status disallows it.
    • If making any changes to the assigned Instructor to the course, Summer Session will be notified of the change within ISA and will update payroll information accordingly. ( below)

  3. Once your class has meeting times scheduled, the timeblock will appear in the grid on the QSB home page ( below).  Note: this grid displays primary class components only.
  4. When you are finished scheduling and fine-tuning your classes the Summer Session terms in which you are offering courses, click the yellow Submit Schedule to Registrar button to generate an spreadsheet of the scheduling information ( below). Disregard the link provided to submit Supplemental Scheduling information, this is not completed for Summer Sessions.
  5. Be sure to generate the spreadsheet for each term and send all generated spreadsheets to the Registrar’s Office for scheduling.

If you have still have questions or concerns about scheduling Summer Session courses, email the ISA group at