Getting Access to Collab (Confluence)


Collab (Confluence) is a central documentation platform ITS uses for internal knowledge and collaboration. This tool authenticates via Active Directory (AD) using the campus SSO login.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Getting a collab account

  1. All ITS employees automatically have access to unrestricted collab spaces via the ITS-Staff AD group.
  2. Non-ITS employees working in ITS-supported spaces can request a collab account via the Confluence or Jira Access Request form.

Getting access to a specific space

  1. Some collab spaces are unrestricted (open to everyone with an account). 
  2. For access to a specific space, fill out and submit the Confluence: Add User to Space form.
    • A Space admin will review the request. Once approved, the user will be added to the space with the requested permission. 
  3. Some spaces use AD groups for access.
    • If you are a space admin, go to Space Settings > Space Permissions > Groups and see which AD groups are listed. Standard, unrestricted spaces have permissions that start with "confluence". If you see other groups, e.g., "college-users", those are the AD groups to use for permissions. Work with your department IT support to add users to the AD group or submit a ticket to the ITS service desk.

Troubleshooting space issues

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.