General Formatting - Headings, Lists, Tables, Contact & Note Box


Formatting guide for using headings, lists, tables, and contact information box on Knowledge Base articles.


Headings help users understand article content so they can quickly find what they are looking for by:

Use title case for heading text with capitals for first and last word, principal words, prepositions and conjunctions of 4 or more letters such as With, From, Before. 

Article Title or "Short Description"


Subheadings include the <h2> through <h6> tags used in the CMS.

Using subheadings:

These headings are selected from the Paragraph style tool:

Heading selection options

Horizontal Rule

Use horizontal rule under major topic headings to create a clear visual divider on the page.

  1. Open up source code and locate your major headings (hint: look for <h2> tags)
  2. On next line directly after closing major heading tag </h2>, enter: <hr />
  3. Click Ok to save changes
  4. A horizontal rule should now be visible in the editor, underneath your major heading - delete any excess white space produced


Use numbered Lists for steps that have a specific order:

  1. Do this
  2. Then do that

Use bullet Lists for unordered lists of items or options


Create Table

Note: When using tables, please do not manually expand or resize the table.  When this is done, the table loses dynamic resizing ability (as more contents are added or screen becomes smaller). Styling will be applied to tables in the reader view to make them easier to read.

  1. Insert table and select amount of rows and columns

  2. Highlight the top row of the table
  3. Click on the table icon (box with grid) again, select Row --> Row Properties
  4. On Row Properties, select Row Type Header

Merge Cells

  1. Highlight cells you would like to combine
  2. Click on the table icon, select Cell --> Merge Cells

Insert Additional Rows / Columns

  1. Put cursor in row/column directly before or after where you would like to add
  2. Click the table icon, select Row or Column.
  3. Select option to Insert before or after.

Contact Box

If article is customer facing, we want to add contact information at the bottom of the page for the customer to follow up if they need additional assistance.  Most templates should already include this contact box, so you only need to edit it as necessary.

  1. Add the following code with the source code button (<>):

    <div class="contact">
    <p>If you still have questions or need additional assistance, submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858)
  2. If a different team provides support for the service or application, please replace with correct support team email, name, and phone number 

Note Box

For portions of the article that needs to be highlighted and emphasized more than others, use the "note" class in order to highlight the section in yellow. 



  1. Add the following code with the source code button (<>):

    <div class="notes">
    <p>Remember! Make sure to always sign in using Active Directory.</p>
  2. The current note class will only show up once the article is published. It will not show in the Article Preview. 
  3. The note class will show the yellow highlighted portion in the Customer facing portal, but not when accessed via Agent View. 

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, submit a ticket or call the ITS Service Desk at (858) 246-4357