"Known Error" Article


Known Error articles contains a problem that has a root cause with no current solution and a workaround.  

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Select the Known Error template 
    • Make sure to select Knowledge Type: Known ErrorKnown error template option under article body
  2. This will divide the page into 3 sections with the following headings (using Heading 2 (h2)):
    • Problem 
    • Workaround
  3. In Problem section, enter a concise description of the process, answering the following questions:
    • What is the error?
    • On what application/tool does error occur?
  4. Do we know the root cause of this error?
    1. If so, enter description of when and why error occurs
    2. If not, delete Root Cause subsection
  5. In Workaround section, enter instructions 
    • Use step-by-steps instructions if multiple step process

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