"FAQ" Article


FAQ articles contain a list of common questions and their answers about a tool or service. This article goes over how to create a FAQ KB article.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Select FAQ template to setup article structure.Screenshot of article body field with template selection underneath
  2. This will divide the page into 3 sections with the following headings (using Heading 2 (h2)):
    • Overview
    • General
    • Section Heading
  3. In Overview section enter a concise description of the purpose of this article.
  4. In General section will contain general common questions about your tool/service.  Edit the Section Heading to meet the needs of your specific FAQs (e.g. Prviacy, Access, etc.).  Copy this Section format as needed for as many sections as you need for FAQ article.
  5. When entering questions, question should be done in Heading 3 text and answers should be directly below using Paragraph text (same as in template).

If you need further assistance in creating or editing a Knowledge Base article, please submit a ticket or email us at servicedesk@ucsd.edu.