Article Lifecycle Stages


Knowledge Base articles run through multiple workflows during their lifecycle.  These workflows are triggered by multiple events, including: article submission, article revisions, article expirations, and retirement requests

An article's lifecycle is visible on My Knowledge Articles, in the Workflow column.



General Steps in Lifecycle

  1. Approved contributor creates a new article for a KB
    • Stage = Draft
  2. Contributor completes article and selects Submit for Approval
    • Stage = Review
  3. KB manager reviews article using Review Checklist.  If article is ready to be published to their readers, approves publication.
    • Stage = Published.
  4. Article is no longer needed (service is gone, new application used, etc.), a contributor selects Submit for Retirement.
    • Stage = Pending Retirement
  5. KB manager reviews article.  If article is no longer needed, approves retirement.
    • Stage = Retired

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