SAH-Demographics-View Quick Start Guide


The following article is a start guide for those using the Student Activity Hub (SAH). It includes various terms for those using the tool and tips for new users. 

Other Resources

Critical Concepts

The SAH-Demographics-View is focused on one row per student.

Age: Calculated based on student date of birth, when available.  When the date of birth is not available this field will be null.

Majors and Minors

Term Sets


Steps to Take

Key Fields to Display

  1. Registration Status Current
  2. Student Level Current
  3. Student Count or Student PID

Key Fields to Filter on

  1. Registration Status Current in (Registered, Enrolled)


Granularity is the scale or level of detail present in a set of data.  It identifies where levels of uniqueness exists in the data.  The data lives in the view at the lowest level, but each BI tool totals the levels differently.

Please note:  The Level of Detail (LOD) calculations listed here for Tableau developers are a baseline and do not necessary include all of the LOD equations needed for your report.

FolderMeasuresKey(Uniquness / Group By)
All Demographic Measure FoldersAll fields in folderStudent PID + Term ID
No LOD Needed


If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or email