All About Approvals


Approvals are common part of a ticket's lifecycle. There are many ways to view approvals in your queue to approve or reject.

Customer View

As a customer, I submitted a form. How can I find out if it is waiting for an approval?

At this time there is no way for a customer to know at what step their request is paused. If there is an approval requested on their submitted form, they do not know this nor do they know who specifically they are waiting for.

As a customer, I want to check the status of my submitted forms.

Going to 'My Stuff' in the Portal will show the customer the existing Status of their tickets. It does not currently show the 'Stage' of the tickets, nor does it show Task or Approval completion. If the Catalog Item (aka form) the customer submitted has notifications for task completion, the customer will get notifications via email.

Screenshot: Checking Status of ticket from portal view

As an approver (customer or agent), I want to be reminded of approvals I may have missed.

We have you covered! The system emails approvers a reminder as detailed below, whether they are agents or not:

Agent View

As an approver or agent, I received an email that says I need to approve something.

One does not need to have agent access in ServiceNow in order to get approval emails. Any user that is part of an Approval Group can get emails that request Approvals. The emails are short, listing where the approval came from and who requested it. In order to approve the requested approval, one has to click the 'Click here' link, read through the details of the requested item, and hit 'Approve'.

Screenshot: Approval Request Email Notification

If a user is part of an approval group and has approvals waiting on him or her, the user can also go to the Service Portal and click on 'My Stuff' → 'Approvals' to see all items waiting on approvals from them.

Screenshot: My Stuff Menu from the Portal

As an agent, I want to look at all things I've approved.

Only agent fulfillers have the ability to look at their approval histories. They can do this by searching for 'My Approvals' in the Application Navigator in the top left of the ServiceNow screen. They can also access this under the 'Self Service' menu on the left.

Screenshot: Self Service Menu from Agent View

As an agent, I want to see all Approvals related to a certain Form / Catalog Item.

The ServiceNow team has created a Form and Catalog Item Dashboard to give one an overview of open Catalog Items. All agents should have access to this dashboard. They can find it by clicking the black triangle next to their existing dashboard and searching for 'Forms and Catalog Item'. If you have any issues or feedback on the dashboard, please let us know.

Screenshot: Catalog of Dashboard Items

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.