Creating Reports from List Filters


Once you have crated a filtered list, creating a report is very simple! Pros in the system often start their reports as list filters.

How to Create a Report from a List Filter

1. Open the list of the table that you want to make a report of. For example go to Case > All Cases - My Group to begin a report on the Case table.

2. Adjust the filter or load a filter onto the list so that it shows what you want it to. Filters are a large part of reporting, so it is important to get familiar with the filter options available to you. 

An image showing how to adjust the filters

3. Once you have the filter you want, right click the header of a column such as Status. Select Bar Chart or Pie Chart. This will transform the list view into a report. 

An image displaying how to transform the list into a report

4. The created report automatically groups the filter results by the column that you selected, and presents the information as a bar or pie chart. To get back to a list view, without any custom groups, give your report a name, set the type to list, and group by none. Alternately, if you like the look of the bar chart, don't adjust the type or the group by settings.

5. Once you've saved the report, go ahead and follow the instructions to add a report to a dashboard.

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