Using and Creating Dashboards


How to edit and view dashboards in the Agent view of ServiceNow.

Steps to Take 

Accessing Dashboards

  1. Under the Work menu item in the left side navigator, select Dashboards.
  2. If you are taken directly to a specific dashboard, you can click on the Dashboards Overview button shown below. You can also see that this user has created a Favorite for one of their dashboards.

    An image displaying the dashboard overview button, which can be seen as four squares in a 2 x 2 order

Creating and Modifying Dashboards

To create a dashboard version of a homepage, click the gear wheel in the top right of the homepage, and click Create Dashboard Version. That's it!

You can copy, modify, or rename a dashboard by clicking on the three line "hamburger menu" in the top left of any dashboard:

An image displaying actions that can be taken with dashboards using the hamburger icon

Editing and Adding Content

You can click the "+" button in the top right of a dashboard to enter editing mode. In this mode, you can freely resize and drag dashboard components ("widgets") around.

To add additional content, select the content (such as Reports) and click on it and then click Add.

An image showing how to add new content

Sharing a dashboard with others

To share a dashboard with others, click on the sharing icon in the top left:

An image displaying how to share your dashboards with others

You can choose to share your dashboard with groups or individual users. To do so, click on "Add groups and users" and type in the user name (first and last name) or the group name. We recommend you only share 'Can View' access to groups. Sending an email invitation is at your discretion. You have to hit "Save" in the top right corner in order to save your share changes.

Users can find your shared dashboard by clicking the four squares in the top left of the dashboard screen (the Dashboard Overview) and searching through the "Shared with Me" tab.

An image showing where to find shared dashboards

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.