Case Table


Case table extends task table. All cases are tasks, but not all tasks are cases. Reporting on case will give you additional dimensions that reporting on task cannot. Most teams work only within cases, and reporting on cases is generally sufficient representation of ticket workload. There are teams on campus that work with other ticket types (tasks, RITMs, Change) that will need to report on the other tables. Depending on a specific team's work, one can break up dashboards into a 'Case' tab and a 'RITM' tab (for instance) or they can have one tab that looks at the 'Task' table.


Fields on the Case Table

Some portal forms create Cases. If you want to report on the questions and the answers of those forms, you'll want to use the u_case_variable table. You can choose this table in the report designer or you can use the app nav in the left of the agent view and type in 'u_case_variable.list' to view the table directly. The table is a join of 3 tables, in ServiceNow vernacular, this is a database view. Database views take extra time to load, so it is best to put database view reports on secondary tabs or beneath the fold on dashboards. In order to select questions on for a report, click 'choose columns', single click on the green 'Questions +' box, click the icon with square with two squares growing from it (in the center column), select the name of the form you want to report on, then select the question you want. You then need to add the 'Display Value' column to your report.


Case Table Fields

Display NameLabelElementField TypeReferencesMax Length

Reporting Notes

 Sys IDsys_idSys ID (GUID)32 
Active account escalationActive account escalationactive_account_escalationReferenceEscalation32 
Active escalationActive escalationactive_escalationReferenceEscalation32 
Add resolution notes to commentsAdd resolution notes to commentsnotes_to_commentsTrue/False 40 
Allowed groups listAllowed groups listu_restricted_groupsListGroup1,024 
Allowed users listAllowed users listu_restricted_usersListUser1,024 
Assigned onAssigned onassigned_onDate/Time 40 
Auto closeAuto closeauto_closeTrue/False 40 
BuildingBuildingu_resnet_buildingString 100 
BuildingBuildingu_clsrm_buildingString 255 
CaseCasecaseComposite Field300Unique identifier for a case in ServiceNow. Will always start with CS.
Case Phone NumberCase Phone Numberx_uocsd_talkdesk_case_phone_numberPhone Number (E164)Contact40 
Case ReportCase Reportcase_reportReferenceCase Report32 
Case TypeCase Typeu_case_typeString 100Indicates whether the case is an incident or a request. Incidents and requests differ in SLAs, but are cosmetically the same.
CategoryCategorycategoryInteger 40Custom field for agents within some Service Offerings. Allows agents to categorize what precisely the case is requesting / needs. Not all offerings have categories.
CauseCausecauseString 4,000 
Caused by ChangeCaused by Changecaused_byReferenceChange Request32 
Change RequestChange RequestchangeReferenceChange Request32 
CollegeCollegeu_resnet_collegeString 100 
Contact (Customer)Contact (Customer)contactReferenceContact32The client of the case. Can be different than the Opened By - for instance, when an agent gets a phone call and opens a case.
Contact Local TimeContact Local Timecontact_local_timeString 70 
Contact time zoneContact time zonecontact_time_zoneChoice 40 
Contact's AD UsernameContact's AD Usernameu_contact_ad_usernameString 40 
Contact's Email AddressContact's Email Addressu_contact_email_addressString 100The email address of the customer.
Course codeCourse codeu_clsrm_course_codeString 40 
First reply atFirst reply atfirst_response_timeDate/Time 40 
First reply business durationFirst reply business durationu_first_reply_business_durationDuration 40 
First reply durationFirst reply durationu_first_reply_durationDuration 40 
Follow the sunFollow the sunfollow_the_sunTrue/False 40 
Follow Up ByFollow Up Byu_follow_up_byDate 40 
Incoming Email AddressIncoming Email Addressu_incoming_email_addressString 255 
IssueIssueu_clsrm_issueString 255 
Issue CategoryIssue Categoryu_clsrm_issue_categoryString 255 
Issue SubcategoryIssue Subcategoryu_clsrm_issue_subcategoryString 255 
NotifyNotifynotifyInteger 40 
OrganizationOrganizationu_organizationReferenceOrganizations32The organization this case was assigned to.
Partner ContactPartner Contactpartner_contactReferenceContact32 
ProactiveProactiveproactiveTrue/False 40 
ProductProductproductReferenceProduct Model32 
Push-to-talk groupPush-to-talk groupu_clsrm_ptt_groupString 255 
Rejection CounterRejection Counteru_rejection_counterInteger 40Count of how many many times a 'proposed solution' has been rejected by client.
Requested immediate assistanceRequested immediate assistanceu_clsrm_requested_immediate_assistanceTrue/False 40 
ResNet Appointment StatusResNet Appointment Statusu_resnet_appt_statusString 100 
ResNet Appointment TimeResNet Appointment Timeu_resnet_appt_timeDate/Time 40 
ResolutionResolutionu_clsrm_resolutionString 255 
Resolution codeResolution coderesolution_codeString 40Code for special handled cases. This includes spam. Resolution codes aren't widely used presently but there is room for growth and customization with them.
ResolvedResolvedresolved_atDate/Time 40Date and time the case was resolved.
Resolved byResolved byresolved_byReferenceUser32The agent who was assigned the case when the solution was proposed, field will be bank if the case was unassigned
RestrictedRestrictedu_restrictedTrue/False 40 
RoomRoomu_resnet_roomString 100 
RoomRoomu_clsrm_roomString 255 
Social ProfileSocial Profilesn_app_cs_social_social_profileReferenceSocial Profile32 
SubcategorySubcategorysubcategoryInteger 40 
Support ManagerSupport Managersupport_managerReferenceUser32 
Sync DriverSync Driversync_driverTrue/False 40 
TMS Appointment StatusTMS Appointment Statusu_tms_appt_statusString 40 
TMS Appointment TimeTMS Appointment Timeu_tms_appt_timeDate/Time 40 
TMS Base Module URLTMS Base Module URLu_tms_base_module_urlURL 1,024 
TMS Module URLTMS Module URLu_tms_module_urlURL 1,024 
TMS Ticket RequiredTMS Ticket Requiredu_tms_ticket_requiredTrue/False 40 
TMS Trouble TicketTMS Trouble Ticketu_tms_trouble_ticketString 255 
Variables DisplayVariables Displayu_variables_displayTrue/False 40 

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