Using Content Blocks


Content Blocks are widget blocks of reusable content that can be placed on a dashboard. Most often, they are text such as instructions or caveats, or images such as logos or headers. They can be used on dashboards to add colour, flair, or instructions.

Critical Concepts

Please Note - Any Content Block you create can be seen and edited by any other user. We are releasing content blocks to our power users with the understanding that they will be respectful. Please be respectful of content you did not create.

All Agents within ServiceNow have access to the following types of Content Blocks:

Using Content Blocks give dashboard creators more creative reign in the design of their creations.

Steps to Take

  1. To access Content Blocks, click the '+' in the top right of the Dashboard to get to the Add Widget Menu, and select 'Content Blocks'.
  2. You will see a list of all content blocks in the system, starting with the "*New ___" items. All users can edit all content, so please be respectful and careful. If you aren't sure what you are doing, please check with the ServiceNow team for answers or guidance.
  3. We suggest using 'Static HTML' for most Content Blocks. As you better learn how to use Content Blocks, please feel free to edit and explore the others available to you.

    An image showing where to access content blocks

  4. Select '*New Static HTML'. This will pop up a description of what it is, Click 'Add', then 'Click here' to bring you to the editing screen. The editing screen will allow you to create a new HTML block and what you create will override the 'filler' you just placed on your dashboard.

    An image showing where to select "New Static HTML"

  5. The editing screen has numerous icons that will explain themselves when you hover your mouse over them. The ones we often use are the chain links to hyperlink website or pages within ServiceNow and the <> view source code to edit our HTML directly.

  6. By using simple HTML, you can create a wide variety of content. The PA community liaison for ServiceNow has written a great writeup that details a lot of the common options one would want from a dashboard page. We encourage you to explore and be inspired by it.

    An image showing what the new static content page looks like

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please use the 'Contact ServiceNow Team' form.