Survey Tables


After every completed case, the customer is given a link to a survey. The survey asks three questions and has a comments box. The three questions are rated 1 - 5 with 5 being the best (strongly agree). More information on the survey itself is available on our Customer Survey page. The survey was changed May 1st 2020. Surveys before this date don't match the same numbering / rating scheme that this survey uses. Results from dates before that time will mis-match with the current survey, so if you need to report on dates prior to May 1st 2020, you'll have to use a separate report.


Fields on the Survey Tables

  • asmt_assessment_instance is the table that contains the survey itself.
  • asmt_metric_result is the table that contains the results of the individual surveys. In order to link the survey results to a ticket or agent in a report, you need to dot walk to Instance → Task table; from there, you can select an agent or offering or other filterable field.
  • task_assessment_detail is the table that contains the comments of each result. It is a custom database view that is a join of asmt_metric_type, asmt_assessment_instance, task, and asmt_metric_result. Because it is a join of all these tables, listing the fields would be redundant. In order to see the responses, set Metric 'starts with' 'Please help' to focus on the question soliciting comments, Response is the field with the comments themselves so we like to filter Response 'is not empty', and then add any filters you may want off of the task including agent or assignment group.

On this page:

Notable asmt_assessment_instance fields

sys_namecolumn_labelelementinternal_typereferencemax_lengthReporting Notes
 Sys IDsys_idSys ID (GUID)32 
 Updatedsys_updated_onDate/Time 40 
 Created bysys_created_byString 40 
 Updatessys_mod_countInteger 40 
 Createdsys_created_onDate/Time 40 
 Updated bysys_updated_byString 40 
Assessment groupAssessment groupassessment_groupReferenceAssessment Group32 
Assigned toAssigned touserReferenceUser32 
DomainDomainsys_domainDomain ID 32 
Domain PathDomain Pathsys_domain_pathDomain Path255 
Due dateDue datedue_dateDate 40 
Expiration dateExpiration dateexpiration_dateDate 40 
Grouped assessmentGrouped assessmentsn_grc_parentReferenceAssessment Instance32 
Metric typeMetric typemetric_typeReferenceAssessment Metric Type32 
NumberNumbernumberString 40 
Percent answeredPercent answeredpercent_answeredPercent Complete15 
PreviewPreviewpreviewTrue/False 40 
Processing statusProcessing statussn_grc_statusChoice 40 
Related record 1Related record 1related_id_1Document ID32 
Related record 2Related record 2related_id_2Document ID32 
Related record 3Related record 3related_id_3Document ID32 
Related record 4Related record 4related_id_4Document ID32 
Related table 1Related table 1related_table_1Table Name 80 
Related table 2Related table 2related_table_2Table Name 80 
Related table 3Related table 3related_table_3Table Name 80 
Related table 4Related table 4related_table_4Table Name 80 
Response typeResponse typesn_grc_group_typeChoice 40 
Signature resultSignature resultsignature_resultString 40 
StateStatestateString 40 
Take attestationTake attestationtake_attestationUI Action List4,000 
Taken onTaken ontaken_onDate/Time 40 
Trigger conditionTrigger conditiontrigger_conditionReferenceTrigger Condition32 
Trigger IDTrigger IDtrigger_idDocument ID32 
Trigger tableTrigger tabletrigger_tableTable Name 80 
View responsesView responsesview_responseUI Action List4,000 


Notable asmt_metric_result fields

sys_namecolumn_labelelementinternal_typereferencemax_lengthReporting Notes
 Sys IDsys_idSys ID (GUID)32 
 Updatedsys_updated_onDate/Time 40 
 Created bysys_created_byString 40 
 Updatessys_mod_countInteger 40 
 Createdsys_created_onDate/Time 40 
 Updated bysys_updated_byString 40 
Actual valueActual valueactual_valueDecimal 15 
Additional InformationAdditional Informationadd_infoString 8,000 
Assessment groupAssessment groupassessment_groupReferenceAssessment Group32 
Assign to - orderAssign to - orderassign_to_orderString 160 
Assigned toAssigned touserReferenceUser32 
DomainDomainsys_domainDomain ID 32 
Domain PathDomain Pathsys_domain_pathDomain Path255 
Duration valueDuration valueduration_valueDuration 40 
InstanceInstanceinstanceReferenceAssessment Instance32 
MetricMetricmetricReferenceAssessment Metric32 
Metric definitionMetric definitionmetric_definitionReferenceAssessment Metric Definition32 
Normalized valueNormalized valuenormalized_valueDecimal 15 
NPS valueNPS valuenps_valueInteger 40 
PassedPassedpassedString 40 
QuestionQuestioninstance_questionReferenceAssessment Instance Question32 
Question defaultQuestion defaultis_defaultTrue/False 40 
Reference tableReference tablereference_tableTable Name 80 
Reference valueReference valuereference_valueDocument ID32 
Scaled valueScaled valuescaled_valueDecimal 15 
SourceSourcesource_idDocument ID32 
Source tableSource tablesource_tableTable Name 80 
String valueString valuestring_valueString 8,000 
Template definitionTemplate definitiontemplate_definitionReferenceAssessment Template Definition32 
Weighted valueWeighted valueweighted_valueDecimal 15 

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