Major Incidents - Navigation, Forms, and Roles


Major incidents are incidents that are used to track and resolve major losses to service. Major incident records use the same form as regular incidents with additional fields used to record information for the major incident process.

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Major Incidents in Application Navigator

The ServiceNow application navigator offers separate views for the ITIL fulfiller and Major Incident Manager roles. For a user with ITIL fulfiller role the major incidents tab appears as:

Major Incident Manager View

Whereas for users with a role of Major Incident Manager the major incidents tab will appear as:

Major Incident ITIL Fulfiller View


Major Incidents Modules

The major incidents modules appear as items under the Major Incidents dropdown in the application navigator (pictured above). These modules are all available to both ITIL Fulfillers and Major Incident Managers with the exception of Create Major Incident which is only available to Major Incident Managers. Each module is listed below:


Incident Communications Management Modules

The following modules appear under the Incident Communications Management dropdown in the application navigator and are only accessible to Major Incident Managers.


Major Incident Forms

Incident Form - Major incident tab

The major incident tab is a form that is only visible for major incidents (not regular incidents). This form is composed of the following fields:

Major Incident Tab

Incident Form - Post Incident Report Tab

The post incident report tab contains additional information about the major incident with the following fields:

Post Incident Report Tab


Incident Communications Management Forms

Incident Communications Management - Mailing List Form

The mailing list form defines a record that specifies which email address to forward updates to along with a human-readable contact name, and the organization that will be able to viewing the mailing list

Mailing List Form

Incident Communications Management - Mailing List Notification Plan Form

This form is similar to the above except it only defines the organization field (as above) and contains an additional Mailing List field for adding mailing lists to major incidents for specified assignment groups.

Mailing List Notification Plan Form

Organization - The department for the mailing list notification plan 

Mailing Lists - Mailing Lists that are present in this list will always be added to major incidents for assignment groups in the department listed on the form 

Major Incident - Groups & Roles

The following groups and their associated roles each specify different access privileges related to major cases:

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