Upload a Video to "My Media" (Kaltura)


All UCSD community members (those with active directory credentials) have unlimited media storage in Kaltura, and can upload video and other media to their Kaltura media repository ("My Media").

Users can upload videos to "My Media" in both Canvas and MediaSpace.

Critical Concepts

Things to keep in mind:

Steps to Take

Media can be uploaded to Kaltura in Canvas or in MediaSpace. Feel free to follow the instructions below or watch one of the videos below:

Uploading a Video in CanvasUploading a Video in MediaSpace

For the text-based tutorial, choose the appropriate column below for steps 1 and 2 depending on where you want to upload your media. (After the first two steps, the rest of the steps are the same.)

In CanvasIn MediaSpace
  1. Log into Canvas.
    1. Go to https://canvas.ucsd.edu
    2. Enter your active directory credentials.
  2. Within Canvas, click My Media in the left navigation.
  1. Log into MediaSpace.
    1. Go to https://mediaspace.ucsd.edu
    2. Click the profile icon at the top right of the page and select Login.
    3. Enter your active directory credentials.
  2. Click the profile icon again and select My Media.
  1. On the subsequent page, either drag and drop the video you want to upload or click Choose a file to upload and locate the file you want to upload.
  2. Enter or change the title of your video during or after your file upload. "Description" and "tags" are optional. On this upload page, you can also elect to publish the video immediately to one of your courses. By default, however, your video will be private to you.
  3. Click Save.

Your video will now be in "My Media," visible in both Canvas and MediaSpace. It may take a little while to process before it's ready to be viewed or until it's visible in a Media Gallery or channel (if you decided to publish it immediately).

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, feel free to contact us at kaltura@ucsd.edu