Accessing Past Canvas Course Content as a Student


This article goes over the steps for an active student to gain access to an old Canvas course that has been closed

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

1. Understanding Course Site Availability:

  1. Once a term concludes, instructors have the option to hide their course sites, making them inaccessible to students. This decision may be made for various reasons, such as the need to update or revise the content, maintain privacy, or preserve the integrity of the course. Therefore, it is not unusual if you no longer see a past course site in your list of all courses.

2. Reaching out to Instructors:

  1. To gain access to course materials, grades, or any other information from a closed course, it is best to directly contact the instructor who taught the course. They can provide further guidance or make alternative arrangements for accessing the course materials.

3. Contacting the Instructor:

  1. Compose a respectful and concise email. Introduce yourself, mention the course you took, the section number, term, and clearly state why you need access and any specific information you are seeking, such as lecture notes, assignments, or grades. The Instructor can review these articles if they need help with reopening a course: Managing term dates and setting up an extended section or they can email for assistance.

If you have further questions or concerns, please submit a ticket.