ServiceNow 12.28.0 Release Notes

Release 12.28.0 introduced the following new features, fixes, and updates to the campus instance of ServiceNow at UC San Diego and was implemented on July 5th, 2023.

Case Management

If an agent does not know the assignment group for an assignee, they can now see a filtered list of assignment groups directly on the case form, instead of needing to go into the agent's user record and look at group memberships. To use this functionality:

  1. Fill out the case categorization fields Organization, and Assigned To. Service, Service Offering are optional. Leave Assignment Group blank. Click the magnifying glass next to Assignment Group.

  2. A popup window showing a filtered list of group memberships will appear. Select a group from the list.


To help track which organizations on campus are covered by ITS for IT support services, we created a new lookup field in the Department table, that refers back to itself. This new field is called "IT Support Provided by".

This field is intended for Departments sourced from EAH (coming from UCPath), to provide a programmatic way of tracking "ITS supported" organizations. However, we left this field open to the entire Department table in case we may want to use this functionality in the future with Oracle Finance Cloud groups, which go deeper into organizational hierarchical structures than UCPath does, or other potential future data sources.


KB articles in edit mode no longer display the "AI Search does not index meta tags" notification.