How to Request a Catalog Item


The ServiceNow team is happy to work with you to create a Catalog Item. While you don't need to provide all of the answers before you reach out to us, knowing a rough idea of what you want to see happen is encouraged.

Necessary Steps

  1. Think about what requirements you need. This includes discussing it with any sponsors, potential customers, and existing agents to make sure you understand the use case.
  2. Start your process workflow.
  3. Schedule a meeting with the ServiceNow team to discuss your request by using the Contact ServiceNow Team form on the portal.
  4. Fill out the required template linked below. This step and step #3 can be done in any order or even together if the template is filled out during the meeting.
  5. The ServiceNow team creates a SNOW-xxx JIRA ticket for the item and folds it into future sprints.
  6. UAT or User Acceptance Training occurs. This is where we hand the form off to you and your team to test and let us know what you'd like to see changed.
  7. Finally, the ServiceNow team releases the item. Releases are done weekly, every Wednesday. You will be notified post UAT, pre-release, that we are releasing the form.

Process workflow - Required for catalog items and order guides

The ServiceNow team prefers a flowchart or swim lane diagram that shows exactly what you would like accomplished. This helps us understand what you're trying to accomplish. It also helps us map steps into any system workflows.

Flow diagram illustrating an example of ServiceNow workflow functionality

Here is the sample process flow from above. Please go to file → Make a copy and build out a copy for your workflow.

The following are common components of the process workflow:


The Form Template

Still have questions? Please use the Contact ServiceNow Team form to submit feedback and we will be happy to assist you!