How to Categorize Favorites


Grouping favorites from the Agent View in ServiceNow can allow for easier access to your most used pages. 

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

Creating custom groups

  1. Go to the Favorites tab and click "edit favorites" indicated by the pencil and square icon.

    Screenshot: edit button indicated by pencil icon

  2. Click on "create custom group" indicated by the plus icon which acts as a folder to place favorites in, and will be indicated with a folder icon after creation. Edit the name field to your preference.
    • To make icons in a group the same color, click on the group and select a color to overwrite existing icon colors.

  3. Groups can also be placed within each other to form sub-groups.

  4. To add existing favorites into a group, click on the right caret symbol to open the group, and then drag and drop items into the corresponding group

    Screenshot: editing favorites popup page

  5. Click "save edits" in the bottom right after making changes.

  6. For new favorites, choose the preferred location in the dropdown in the popup that appears. Clicking "more" on the popup will also bring you to the "edit your favorites" page.

    Screenshot: edit favorite location

Customization features

In the "editing your favorites page", customize each of your favorites by clicking on an item in the list, which then allows you to edit the name, icon symbol, and icon color. 

Screenshot: customize favorites










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