Administering Confluence Spaces


Overview on Administering Confluence Spaces. This is for Confluence Space Admins. 

Critical Concepts

User and Group Management

Group Permissions

User Permissions

Page Permissions


  • You and users with the "Restrictions Add/Delete" permission on a space can add restrictions on specific pages and their child pages. These restrictions can apply to users and groups. 
  • You have the following options for restrictions:

  • Any pages that have restrictions will carry those permissions to child pages. Child pages can have their own restrictions, but must be edited separately from the parent pages. 
  • Do not use page restrictions on the home page, unless there is a good reason for doing so, as this will restrict all pages on the space. Use the User/Group permissions listed above if you want to make restrictions the space. 


  • To restrict a published page, click on the lock icon and select the permission you want to give users/groups. Remember that this will apply to child pages.
  • Enter the user/group and the permissions you'd like that user/group to have. 
  • The lock icon will change to a red lock icon, noting that there are page restrictions applied. 

Public Pages