Frequently Asked Questions: Adding Kaltura Media


This FAQ addresses common questions about adding media to your Kaltura media repository ("My Media"). 

General Questions

How much media can I upload to "My Media?"

You have unlimited storage with Kaltura. You can upload as much as you want. Just be aware of our Kaltura data retention policy, and that using tags can be a valuable way to find your media once your media repository starts getting large. 

How big of a file can I upload?

There are no file size limits. That said, it's important when you upload large files that you have a good, stable internet connection. If the upload gets interrupted it might corrupt the Kaltura entry. 

Kaltura Capture

Do I need to install Kaltura Capture in order to watch my Kaltura media?

You only need to install Kaltura Capture if you want to record your screen, microphone, and/or camera. You don't need to install Kaltura Capture in order to play any videos in Kaltura. 

Should I use Kaltura Capture or Zoom to make course videos?

It's kind of up to you, but if you're familiar with Zoom, we recommend sticking with Zoom. Kaltura Capture and Zoom have similar features: the ability to capture your screen, camera, and microphone, and some external devices. In addition, if you record to the Zoom cloud, then your recording will end up in Kaltura automatically. 

In many ways, Zoom is the devil you know. If you're familiar with how to use it, then it may be easier just to go with that software. Both pieces of software can be taxing to your computer. 

One of the advantages, however, of using Kaltura Capture is that if you record more than two video sources (e.g. your camera and your screen), the Kaltura entry will be a multi-stream video with interactive functionality. (Learn more about multi-stream videos here.) That said, if you record more than one Zoom layout, the Kaltura entry that's created will also become a multi-stream entry. 

One other advantage of using Kaltura Capture is that if you run a PowerPoint presentation during your recording session, chapter markers will automatically be created in your video each time you advance a slide. 

What's the difference between Kaltura Capture and Zoom?

Kaltura Capture is exclusively meant to record screen capture videos. Zoom is largely meant for synchronous meetings. 

Still, the two pieces of software have many of the same features. You can annotate screen captures live, change microphones, change cameras, etc. 

One difference between Zoom and Kaltura Capture is if you record to the Zoom cloud, your recording will not end up on your computer. You can always download it, either from Zoom or from Kaltura (once it makes its way there). You can, of course, configure Zoom to create a local recording - i.e. one that records solely to your computer. This will not trigger the Kaltura-Zoom integration, however, and you'll have to upload the recording manually to Kaltura. 

Can students use Kaltura Capture?

Yes. Anyone with active directory (AD) credentials at UCSD can download a copy of Kaltura Capture, and it works on both Macs and Windows-based computers. 

Do I have to launch Kaltura Capture from within Canvas (Add New > Kaltura Capture)?

No. You can launch the software yourself on your computer. The recordings will still automatically make their way to your Kaltura account. 

Where can I find my Kaltura Capture recording files?

The folder path is shown within the application. 

The folder path where Kaltura Capture's files are located is specific to your operating system. That said, you should be able to find it within the app itself. Here's how:

  1. Open Kaltura Capture on your computer.
  2. Within the small app that opens, click Manage.
  3. Click the gear icon in left navigation.
  4. You should see a field labeled "current recording directory." That's where your recording files are located, should you need them. 

Can Kaltura record more than 2 video sources?

No. It can only capture 2 video sources - either 2 cameras, 2 screens, or 1 of each. 

Does Kaltura Capture record my computer's audio?

No. Unfortunately, Kaltura can't record your computer's audio. So if you play a video on your computer, for example, it will be silent in the recording (unless your recording microphone picks it up off of your speakers). 

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