Frequently Asked Questions: Kaltura In-Video Quizzes


This article features answers to common questions about in-video quizzes that can be layered on top of Kaltura videos. Use the list below to jump to a question in which you're interested:

General Questions

Can you re-use an in-video quiz?

Yes, but we caution against it. You should create a new copy of the quiz if you want to isolate students' responses from term to term.

If you were to publish or embed an in-video quiz into multiple courses, you would see ALL the students' responses in the analytics (from both courses). And at present, Kaltura doesn't differentiate who responded by class, date, or whatnot. One problem we've run into is if a student retakes your course and you've limited the number of chances they have (either in Canvas or in the quiz settings). 

Accordingly, if you want to isolate students' responses by term, you should duplicate the quiz. Doing so is the same as copying any Kaltura entry: Duplicate a Kaltura Entry.

Where can I find students' responses to quiz questions?

In the video analytics. Check out the knowledge base article See In-Video Quiz Responses.

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