Kaltura Troubleshooting: Published Media Not Visible in Media Gallery / Channel


You’ve published a Kaltura video, but it’s not showing up in the Canvas Media Gallery or MediaSpace channel. Kaltura indicates that it’s been published, but it's just not visible there. 


This occasionally occurs possibly because of a metadata glitch on Kaltura’s back end. 


The solution here is relatively simple. Simply un-publish the entry and re-publish it. That almost always does the trick. Read the appropriate tutorials based on where you need to perform the action. 

In CanvasIn MediaSpace
  1. Unpublish Media from a Media Gallery
  2. Publish Kaltura Media to a Media Gallery
  1. Unpublish Media from a MediaSpace Channel
  2. Publish Kaltura Media to a MediaSpace Channel

If your media is still not visible in the Media Gallery or channel, contact us at kaltura@ucsd.edu.