How to Solve UCPath Login Error - Updating Business Email (Auth-0510)


There are a few common issues that an employee might encounter while trying to access the UCPath portal.

Here is the decision tree for various login/security issues:

  1. Can the employee get to the login page? If no, it’s an internet connection issue. Get to the login page before you can be assisted.

  2. Once the employee can get to the login page, enter Single Sign On (SSO) credentials.
  1. If employee has successfully logged into the system then hits an error somewhere else or is missing something they expect to see:

Checklist for troubleshooting

Critical Concepts

Business Email Missing

The employee encountering issues with completing login to access the UCPath portal could be missing a business email from their job record.  The Reports To of the employee with access issues is able to lookup the employee record to see if there is a business email (home and campus email are not considered a business email). 

AUTH-0510 Local IDM or Account Setup Issue

Error reads: “An error was encountered with your login credentials. For assistance, please refer to your local contact information below and provide error code AUTH-0510.”

UCPath Auth-510 Error

Steps to Take

Should you encounter a login issue with SSO, take the following action for (Business Email):

    1. Employee can update themselves at: If this option is selected, that information is fed from our local Active Directory here at UCSD through a nightly I-262 file, meaning that the employee should wait a day or two before trying to logon to UCPath again.
    2. Department can send an email to to have them update the business email address.

Note: If the employee impacted is an intercampus transfer employee, submit a ticket and the access and security team will work with ITS to resolve intercampus transfer business email issues only.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket or reply to the one you may have already created.