How to Update State Tax Withholdings for Non Resident Aliens for Tax Purposes


This article is intended for active non resident alien (for tax purposes) UC San Diego employees who have an active Glacier record.

Critical Concepts

If you are a foreign individual and you are receiving any payments or benefits from UC San Diego you must complete a Glacier record. Examples of payments and benefits include: wages, fellowships, benefits, benefit reimbursements, stipends, honorariums, performance fees, royalties.

You must complete a Glacier record for UC San Diego even if you have completed a Glacier record through another institution.

The following individuals are exceptions and do not need a Glacier record:

Steps to Take

You are a nonresident alien in 2020, so your federal tax withholding is set by tax law. You won’t be able to update it until you pass the residency change date shown on your Glacier Tax Summary Report.

The state of California does not impose withholding limits. Nevertheless, UCPath locks state tax updates, so you have to use this alternate method.

How to update your California tax withholding (alternate method)

  1. Complete & save the California state tax withholding form (DE-4) Leave the SSN field blank.
  2. Access the UCPath payroll system by following the instructions on
  3. Once you're in the system, click the yellow "Ask UCPath" button in the top right of your screen.
  4. Choose "Submit an Inquiry for myself."
  5. Enter your name and click search.
  6. Click the blue "create an inquiry" to the right of your name.
  7. Topic = payroll
  8. Category = Tax withholding inquiry
  9. Subject = Update CA tax withholding
  10. Description = Please update my CA tax withholding per the attached form (or something like that)
  11. Click the "Chose File" button and attach your state tax form.
  12. Click "submit inquiry."
If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.