How to Make Changes to my Benefits


This article discusses when you can make changes to your existing benefits. Benefit changes can typically only occur when a Life Event occurs or during Open Enrollment.

A Life Event is a change that initiates a new Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE), to enroll in, or make changes to, your UC benefits when family status changes occur (marriage, domestic partnership, birth, adoption, divorce, dependent relocating to the US, death of a dependent, etc.) or, in some cases, after you or an eligible family member experience an involuntary loss of non-UC health coverage.

Certain changes to your benefits can be made at any time, without a Statement of Health/Evidence of Insurability, whether or not a life event has taken place. These changes include enrolling in or changing the coverage amount of Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance, decreasing your Supplemental Life insurance coverage amount, or enrolling a child in Dependent Life insurance.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Navigate to this page to make and submit a Life Event change:
    1. UCPath Dashboard > Health and Welfare > Life Events / Benefit Changes OR
    2. Forms Library (in the UCPath Dashboard) > Faculty and Staff Benefits > Submit a New Benefits eForm
  2. Answer your Security Question
    1. Before you enter a Life Event or benefits change, you must validate your identity. UCPath randomly displays one of the security questions you set up on your profile. 
    2. Note: if you answer incorrectly, an error message appears.  You have three attempts to answer this question correctly.  After three incorrect answers, UCPath displays the Security Questions setup page.  You must then provide your date of birth and the last four digits of your Social Security number to validate your identity and then update your security questions and answers.
  3. Select your event:
    • Marriage
    • Birth, Adoption
    • Divorce
    • Benefit Changes for AD&D Disability or Life
    • Establishment of Domestic Partnership
    • Domestic Partnership Termination
    • Gain of Coverage (only available via Benefits eForm)
    • Involuntary Loss of Non-UC Coverage (only available via Benefits eForm)
    • Address Change – Plan Service Area (only available via Benefits eForm)
    • Death of Dependent (only available via Benefits eForm)
    • Dependent Relocating to the US (only available via Benefits eForm)
    • Remove Overage Dependent (only available via Benefits eForm)
    • Termination of Domestic Partnership (only available via Benefits eForm)
    • Other (only available via Benefits eForm)
  4. Enter Status Change Date
  5. Complete each of the sections that open up for your specific Life Event.
    1. Steps display on the left and also appear at the top to track your progress.
  6. The Event Completion and Exit page will appear when you have finished your life event and changes. Click the COMPLETE button.
    1. If submitting a Benefits eForm, be sure to complete all the required fields and click submit. UCPath will generate an email notification to confirm approval (or denial) of your requested changes.

Additional Information

For detailed step by step instructions or simulation, go to the UCPath Help sites outlined below:

If you have additional questions regarding your benefits you can find information on how to contact UCSD Benefit Representatives

You may also call UCPath Center directly and speak to an Employee Services Representative at: 855-982-7284 (Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–5 p.m. PST).

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.