How To Report an Overpayment


Overpayments occur when an employee receives more money than they are entitled to.

Critical Concepts

Overpayments fall into one of three categories

If incorrect Job Data (e.g., Comp Rate, FTE, etc.) has caused the overpayment, make the appropriate Job Data update before you submit the Overpayment Payroll Request.

Steps to Take


If you feel you have been overpaid on your paycheck, please contact your department HR/Payroll representative for review and resolution.

Department HR/Payroll Representatives and Transactors

Once an overpayment has been identified, overpayments should be submitted via the Payroll Request module before correcting Position and Job Data. This will ensure earnings dates and job data fields like compensation rate, are not adjusted prior to the overpayment transaction.

For system steps and further information processing an Overpayment Payroll Request, please refer to the How to Process an Overpayment Payroll Request job aid on the UCPath website.

For pre-conversion overpayments, submit a ticket to Central Core Payroll (CCP) at Be sure to include the following information on your ticket:

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.