How to Submit a Ticket for Ecotime Issues


UC San Diego employees who require assistance with their own, or an employee's, timesheet may create a Service Now ticket for the Ecotime team to review their inquiry.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take


Create a Ticket

  1. Please visit
  2. Log in with your active directory (UCSD email and password credentials)
  3. Click on Payroll, Academic Personal & HR
  4. Get Help and Order Services
  5. Submit a Ticket
  6. Selection from Drop Down Category, "I want to make a request"
  7. Enter your subject line on the "Subject" Bar
  8. Enter the description within the "Description" Bar
  9. From the "About" drop down menu, select UCPath Transaction Support or Employee Support as applicable.
  10. From the "Related to" drop down menu, select UCPath-Transaction Support Timekeeping or UCPath-Employee Support Timekeeping as applicable.
  11. Click the blue "Submit" button to create a ticket. A ticket number will be generated for your reference.

Responses to your ticket will take place once in the queue.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.