How to Understand Vacation Accounting Transactions in UCPath


UCPath is used as the system of record for tracking absence entitlements, takes and the maintenance of related balances; it is also used as a tool to create leave assessment (expense) transactions in order to fund Location- managed leave liability pools and to direct expenses related to employees’ vacation usage or terminal vacation payout to these same pools. The costs of accrued vacation leave are included in the Vacation Leave Assessment rates.

Essential Information

Vacation Accounting Transactions appear on two tabs of the Labor Ledger DOPES Report:

Vacation Accounting Principle
 Vacation Accounting Posting
Vacation is a benefit until it is usedVacation Accrual Expenses (Assessments) show on the Fringe Tab
When vacation is used, it becomes salaryVacation Usage Expenses show on the Salary Tab
When vacation is used, dept. is reimbursed by the Vacation Liability PoolVacation Reimbursements show as credits on the Fringe Tab


Vacation Leave Assessment

         DOPE Report - Fringe Detail Tab

Each pay period, fund sources are assessed the cost of vacation accrual for employees with eligible earn codes.

Use the Job Aid: Earnings Code Configuration in combination with the UCPath Earn Codes List to understand the configuration for UCPath earnings codes. The UCPath Earn Codes List is available in UCPath under Quicklinks > Payroll Configuration Codes > UCPath Earn Codes List.

These expenses appear in the Fringe Detail Tab of the Labor Ledger DOPE report:

  1. Fringe CCOA Account Code: 508300
  2. Fringe CCOA Account: Leave Assessment
  3. Fringe Journal Line: Leave Assessment Expense

The cost of accrued vacation leave equals the Vacation Leave Assessment rate multiplied by the gross salary on each eligible earn code.

VLA Employee Group ID Types
Campus RateMed Ctr. Rate
1. Non Accruing Staff/AY Faculty00
2. Accruing Staff/Non-Faculty Academic0.070.0691
3. FY Faculty0.080.0691

Vacation Leave Usage

         DOPE Report - Salary Detail Tab

When vacation is used, the time is reported in the timekeeping system. This is reflected in the Salary Detail Tab of the Labor Ledger DOPE as vacation usage expense. The most common earn codes are VCN and VAC but there are others for retroactive vacation taken, payout upon separation, etc.

         DOPE Report - Fringe Detail Tab

A credit equivalent to the expense amount will be reflected on the Fringe Detail Tab:

  1. Fringe CCOA Account Code: 508306 (prior to 7/1/21: 501005)
  2. Fringe CCOA Account: Vacation Reimbursement (prior to 7/1/21: Non-Academic Vacation Reimbursement)
  3. Fringe Journal Line: Vacation Usage Fringe Expense


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