Campus Ecotime Timekeeper Access Form Frequently Asked Questions


This article contains Frequently Asked Questions about the Timekeeper Access Request Form, which is found on the Service Now Platform (SNOW).  You can access it when you enter SNOW to submit a ticket.


Why do I need to complete this form?

You must complete this form to ensure that you have access to the Timesheet Groups that contain employees for whom you need to perform timekeeping actions (review, edit, approve, and audit).

What is a Timesheet Group?

A Timesheet Group is a listing in Ecotime of all employees who are assigned to a particular manager or supervisor. The Empl ID of the manager or supervisor whose position number appears in the UCPath “Reports To” field will create the Timesheet Group. This Timesheet Group will have all the employees who have the manager or supervisor reporting to them in UCPath in their EcoTime Timesheet Group.

What is a Shared Timesheet Group?

A shared Timesheet Group is created when employees have multiple jobs across departments. Multiple timekeepers need access to a single employee so a Shared Timesheet Group is created by Ecotime. Managers and Timekeepers in the Shared Timesheet Group “share” employees and can see each other’s actions.

How Do I Know Which Access Level to Choose - Primary, Backup or Secondary Supervisor?

Primary:  This the primary point of contact for employees within a timesheet group. Only one primary timekeeper can be designated to a Timesheet Group. This role is granted access to all employees within a Timesheet Group.

Backup: Has the same access as the designated Primary Timekeeper. While there can only be one Primary Timekeeper, a department may set-up multiple Backup Timekeepers.  This role is granted access to all employees within a Timesheet Group.

Secondary Supervisor:  This is the UCPath “Reports To” of an employee’s secondary position. It could also be someone else within the department who is given delegated authority to approve timesheets. Please Note: This Access Level allows for authority to approve timesheets to be given to individual employees within a Timesheet Group. In the Primary and Backup Access Levels, there is no single access to selected employees within a Timesheet Group. It is all or nothing, whereas with Secondary Supervisor Access Level, access can be granted to select employees within a Timesheet Group.

Why do I need the Empl ID of the Manager/Supervisor if I’m requesting access for an employee?

The Timesheet Group the employee falls under is assigned to the Manager/Supervisor of the employee for which you are requesting access. In Ecotime, access to employees is tied to the Manager/Supervisor.

Where can I find the Empl ID for the Manager?

You can find the Empl ID for the Manager in UCPath in the UCPath ‘Reports To’ field. If you do not have access to UCPath to get the Empl ID, please work with your UCPath transactor to gather this information.

If I’m the Primary position, why am I selecting a backup timekeeper?  Why have both?

Although you are the primary position, you can only have one primary timekeeper. Any other timekeeper must be selected as backup timekeepers. If not, the current primary timekeeper will lose visibility. Having a backup timekeeper is a department’s decision, it allows the backup the same access as a primary timekeeper if the primary timekeeper is not available.

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket