How to Submit a Case to the UCPath-Finance Team


The UCPath-Finance team can help you with:

Critical Concepts

Attachments, screen shots and detailed information help speed along the research process and minimize the request for more information.

There are Job Aids and Quick Reference Guides available on our Job Aids Page under the Funding header.

Steps to Take

  1. Go to the Services & Support Portal

  2. Click on "Payroll, Academic Personnel & HR"

  1. Click on "Get Help & Order Services"

  1. Under "Get Help (UCPath)", Click on "Submit a Ticket"

  1. In the "I want to…" drop down, select either “Make a request” or “Report Issue”

  1. Enter your Subject and Description

  2. In the "About…" drop down, select either "UCPath-Employee Support" or "UCPath-Transaction Support"

  1. In the "Related to..." drop down, select either "UCPath-Employee Support Finance" or "UCPath-Transaction Support Finance"

  1. Add attachments

  1. Click the "Submit" button on the right hand side

If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket