Work Study FAQs


This article contains questions frequently asked about Work Study and answers to those questions.

Check your department and Work Study assessments monthly. Waiting until spring term may allow problems to compound and may not be able to be corrected before fiscal close.



When can Work Study funds be assessed?

Departments can only assess Work Study funds during the school year from first date of fall enrollment through last date of spring enrollment assuming the student is enrolled half time or more. Summer charges or cross year charges are NOT permitted.


Why did the Work Study portion get charged to my department chartstring?

There are separate Effective Dates for Position Data updates, Funding Entry updates, and the Work Study Table. The Effective Date of payroll must be within these three Effective Dates. Best practice is to use Effective Dates that begin a payroll period.

An update was made to the student’s supervisor in Position Data and the Effective Date defaulted to today’s date. Today’s date happened to be mid pay period. This resulted in the Work Study only being assessed starting the new effective date forward. For Work Study to be assessed correctly the Effective Date of any Position Data update needs to be the beginning of that payroll period.


How do I look-up a student’s Work Study available balance?

The Work Study Table includes an available balance and Effective Date prior to the pay period being assessed.

The Work Study Award Balance Report displays work study available balance to the hiring department.


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