How to View my Accruals in Ecotime and UCPath


Accruals are balances earned by qualifying employees such as vacation, sick, and overtime (comp) hours. UC San Diego employees may view their accruals in UCPath and Ecotime.

Critical Concepts

UCPath is the system of record. Ecotime may not always have the correct accrual balances displayed. To obtain the correct balances, please log in to UCPath and choose View Leave Balances on the Dashboard. Steps below are available to view this information via Ecotime and UCPath.

Steps to Take

View Accrual Balances via Ecotime:

  1. Visit Ecotime

  2. Click on Employee Tasks.

  1. Click on Balances, to view your accrual balance.

  2. Your accrual balances will populate under this header:

View Accrual Balances via UCPath:

  1. Please log in to UCPath

  2. Log-in (You may choose Active Directory or Business Systems to log-in) Active Directory is your email credentials.

  3. From the Dashboard, scroll down to the center of the page and select View Leave Balances.

  4. Review Absence Balance box will appear and display balances.
If you still have questions or need additional assistance, please submit a ticket.