Request a new AIDID using GSAS (Graduate Support Accounting Setup)


This guide demonstrates how to use the GSAS (Graduate Support Accounting Setup) web application to request a new AIDID, required to process a graduate (PhD, MFA, or master’s) stipend or fee payment.

Critical Concepts

Steps to Take

  1. Visit - Note: You may need to be on VPN
  2. Select an option in ‘OFC Chart Type’
    1. If selecting ‘Project Charts’, you will then need to provide: Project, Task, Funding Source (Note: Funding sources are only required for sponsored projects.) 
    2. If selecting ‘Non-Project Charts’, you will then need to provide: Entity, Fund, FinUnit, Function, Program, Location, Activity
  3. Select options for Payment Type
    1. By default, Stipend and Fee will be selected
    2. Select Insurance only if the payment will be against an NIH funding source for a T32 or F31 award
  4. You may enter Comments if appropriate, but this is not a required field.
  5. By default, your email will be listed in the email field. You may choose to enter additional recipients to be copied on communications.
    1. Note: email functionality will not be available in the initial release. You will not receive an email confirmation of your submission, but you will receive your AIDID via email once it is created.
    2. Note: separate each email with a comma, but do not include a space in between each email address.
  6. Press Submit to validate the information you entered
    1. If your information is found, the system will provide the existing Detail Code and AIDID.
    2. If your information is not found, you will receive an error message.
  7. AIDIDs will be created by FSU and emailed to you within 2 weeks. No additional action is required by the submitter.
  8. Click “Reset” to restart the process or to enter different values.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and Supplemental Information

GSAS errors and how to resolve them

SNOW ticket guidelines.  Student Billing, followed by Student Payment, and finally Graduate Support.